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Jay holding a cooler with spidey sense.

TrueNuff Comic is a comic about a group of friends who play video games, drink, and argue with each other. It started out based on "real life" events of the authors but the characters got pretty wacky and took a life of their own. Now it's only inspired by "real life" events.

How TrueNuff Comic started

In 2001 J.Rai & Threeboy started making comics based on "real life" for a student created university newsletter. The student newsletter din't really take off so they decided to put the few comics they had made on the internet where they started building a readership. Later they were joined by their friends Brando & Rob who were regularly pitching comic ideas anyway and the four became known as the TrueNuff Crew (to themselves). For more information on the origins watch or listen to this episode of J.Rai's podcast One of Us where we talk about it in greater detail.

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Other stuff by TrueNuff

We make sketch comedy videos for YouTube at TrueNuff.tv and also have a talk radio styled podcast called TrueNuff Radio.

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