About the authors

Four dudes who met in University. If you'd like to email all of them at once simply send one big fat email to

James (Threeboy)
Writer / Illustrator

James writes & illustrates the comic and also does the graphic stuff for the website. He loves retro videogames much as the character Trey.

Jeff (J.Rai)
Writer / Drinker

Jeff likes to make music stuff but also makes time to write comics. He drinks as much as the character Jay, probably more.

Brandon (Brando)
Writer / Ladies Man

Brandon writes! He's a mountain biking enthusiast and also enjoys videogames (but leans towards first person shooters and modern games).

Special thanks

We couldn't do this alone...

  • The Rob for chiming in on story ideas and helping with lots of the web backend stuff.
  • Scott for helping with the web backend stuff on our 1.0 website.
  • Penny Arcade for linking to our website and crashing the web server... twice.
  • Goonigoogoo for being our comic BFF.
  • Our Friends for the fun times and letting us poke fun at them. We changed the characters just enough so you can't sue us, thanks!
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