Meet the characters

The guys


Full time drinker, part-time tech support, and dabbles in the musical arts - he lives with Trey.

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Trey is a a freelance graphic designer who loves classic videogames - he lives with Jay.

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Brando is a ladies man - he plays hockey too but he gets more bruises from women than hockey.

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The Rob

The Rob moonlights as a computer programmer but is often forced to do crummy odd jobs to pay the bills. He was a Mac user before Macs were cool.

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The girls


Julie's a spoiled brat that manages a clothing store owned by her parents.

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Raye is quiet - or maybe she just doesn't have anything to say.

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Kari is politically correct and has to tell everyone that they're politically wrong. She's like The Lorax with tits.

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Bitch Bear

Some dude in a bear suit who likes to say "bitch" - he's on twitter too.

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Mr. Plymouth

Super rich and will gamble on anything for anything. He seems like an elgible bachelor but doesn't seem to hang with any bachelorettes.

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George & George

Retired boxer who sells anything on stupid late night infomercials. His daughter is also named George.

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Gnome Sane

An animated garden gnome who wants to kill the guys.

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Other characters & friends


Steph is steph, he's also sometimes player two.

First Appearance


You know Grand Theft Auto? That's Byron's life.

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File not found.

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Fricket T. Cricket

A magical cricket that is summoned when you say his name out loud "Fricket the Cricket!"

First Appearance


Brando's dog - he got him to pick up chicks, but that didn't work so now he just has a dog.

First Appearance

Mr & Mrs Rob

The Rob's parents! They moved to the city so Rob has to run the house himself! Ah, those crazy parents grow up so fast...

First Appearance

Trey's Cat

This cat is nuts, bouncing off walls, killing birds, and THEN they feed it cat nip.

First Appearance

DJ Sprinkles

Just some raver dude - he died when raves got old.

First Appearance


Trey got set up on a blind date with Kirstie and apparently made a really good impression on her. Too bad it wasn't mutual.

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