Extra Stuff

Trey is looking stylish, run away! Here's some extra "bonus material" if you get bored with reading the comics - as if that could happen!

  • Wallpapers
    Some wallpapers for your computers, tablets, phones, etc.
  • Behind The Panels Subfoum 
    For those who are interested we post our comic development and occasionally rough comic sketches to this sub-forum. It's kind of like a "behind the scenes" feature from a DVD.
  • Extra Content Subfoum 
    Somtimes comics have alternate punchlines, we post those in this sub-forum. We also post "fan comics" we've done for other comics and any other extra comic related stuff.
  • One of Us Podcast 
    In 2013 We were interviewed on J.Rai's podcast One of Us where we talked about the TrueNuff Comic origins among other stuff.

Other TrueNuff Projects

  • TrueNuff.tv Comedy Videos 
    If you're sick of comics we also do totally innapropriate short comedy videos at YouTube.
  • TrueNuff Radio 
    A talk radio styled podcast where J.Rai and Threeboy talk about everything yet nothing at all.
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