TrueNuff Comic Frequently Asked Questions

Brando is hit in the head with a hockey stick.What does FAQ stand for?
Frequently asked questions - wow this is easy!

When did you start TrueNuff Comic?
We released our first comic on February 28, 2001 - but we hyped it's arrival it for a few months and had a countdown clock to build buzz like an Apple product.

Why did you start TrueNuff Comic?
Why start anything, maaaaaan? J.Rai & Threeboy started making "real life" themed comics for a student run univeristy newsletter - the newsletter didn't really take off but they had a few comics so they put them on the internets. Check the About page for more information.

Who makes the comic?
It's written by a group of friends and illustrated by Threeboy.

Are the events in TrueNuff based on your guys lives?
Yeah kinda. Some of the comics have been inspired by the events in our lives - that was the whole gimmick of the comic when we started.

Are the characters based on you?
Sort of. We based them on ourselves and friend at first but we're pretty boring so the characters just kinda took a life of their own.

Is TrueNuff free to read?
Yes, 100% free to read. You can donate and help us out if you want but it's totally optional.

Do you guys make comics for a living?
No, we do this for fun - we all have day jobs.

Can I hire Threeboy to draw something (commissions)?
Yep! He totes does that. You can see examples of his illustration work at JD3 Creative.

Can you email me when new comics released?
We will have our robo-butler do that. Go to our updates page and you can sign up for email updates to get new comics delivered automatically - hooray for technology!

Can I link to your comics?
Yes, you don't even need to ask - use a linking banner if you want.

Can I post your comic to my blog/website/balls?
Yes! If you read the fineprint at the bottom of our website you'll see that you can link/embed/share our comics as long as you don't profit and give us credit by linking back to our website.

How long does creating the comics take you guys?
Writing takes a lifetime, heh - drawing takes an hour or two per strip.

How is the comic drawn?
It used to be drawn and inked on paper, scanned, and then cleaned up and colored in Photoshop. Then there was a time it was penciled on paper, scanned, inked and colored in Photoshop using a Wacom tablet. Since comic #528 it's been drawn, inked and colored using Photoshop and a Wacom tablet.

Can I make avatars or user pics out of TrueNuff Comic stuff?
You sure can just as long as you don't profit from it and if anyone asks about it please tell them about us.

Got any rule 34?

What happened to J.Rai?
J.Rai moved to Toronto in 2008 and then he came back- nothing happened as far as we can tell.

I've got a sweet idea for a comic, can I send it to you?
To avoid litigation problems we don't take ideas and if an idea you send ends up in a comic strip it's purely coincidental.

Can I be in the comic?
Send us a million billion dollars and maybe.

Can we swap links?
What is this, 1995!? If we like your stuff we'll link it, if you like our stuff we hope you do the same.

What's a TrueNuff Buddy?
We used to have a donator club called "TrueNuff Buddies" where if you donated you could access a special Buddy forum and a bunch of extra content.

Are you guys gonna make a book?
What's a book? Seriously though we've tried and we don't know how.

This comic isn't funny!
That's not a question - if you don't like the comic then stop reading and go away.

If you have other questions ask us.

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